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Human Disease - Mother Sodom
…Indeed, it’s only a lover’s kiss
Drink with me, leave your soul
In dream the smelling tongues on my thighs
Passion on the cross, hands on your blade
Upon sin...I close the circle to cry
Oh God... in my ass the holy water
No love, no love
Ashes fill my blood with church’s lies Is a redemption?
Mother Sodom await, await me, await your son
I scream all my female soul
A dog licks my lips
Kill your father to see inside, to see a suicide
To drag my shroud upon your whip
Hate living, I see the shadow wanted
Kill your father to see your side
To feel in my eyes, myself crucified
A dog licks my lips, hold the virgin eye
To creep me in your crying
To feel in my eyes myself crucified
Mother Sodom rape me through the body of Christ
That bleed in my mind

Human Disease - Blades from the Joy
Walking among this path
I feel me fading again, again
Drift in your eyes One day I’ll die
A small hour of breathing
I fade in you again, again
Oh, no secrets for my soul
My eyes so blind
A strangest spell
Release my emotions in yours
A perfect Hell
Immerse my mind in your pretty thinking
You broke my mirror
Don’t you boy...I want to stay
If I await in dreams
Whenever If I await in dreams to fall in Heaven Wherever
I’ll suspire your heart
It’s only disdain
A very long way for this sweet disease
You’re setting a fire I die
A kiss in the dream-day
I see you change
crossing my eyes
Would I scream as you drown in life
The voices!
I press my face and catch this turning light
Nothing left my face
You my blade from the joy
If only I’d be your tears
To stand near your eyes
She stands alive to see what never see
She stands alive

The Cure - One Hundred Years
It Doesn't Matter If We All Die
Ambition In The Back Of A Black Car
In A High Building There Is So Much To Do
Going Home Time
A Story On The Radio
Something Small Falls Out Of Your Mouth
And We Laugh
A Prayer For Something Better
A Prayer
For Something Better
Please Love Me
Meet My Mother
But The Fear Takes Hold
Creeping Up The Stairs In The Dark
Waiting For The Death Blow
Stroking Your Hair As The Patriots Are Shot
Fighting For Freedom On The Television
Sharing The World With Slaughtered Pigs
Have We Got Everything?
She Struggles To Get Away..
The Pain
And The Creeping Feeling
A Little Black Haired Girl
Waiting For Saturday
The Death Of Her Father Pushing Her
Pushing Her White Face Into The Mirror
Aching Inside Me
And Turn Me Around
Just Like The Old Days
Just Like The Old Days
Caressing An Old Man
And Painting A Lifeless Face
Just A Piece Of New Meat In A Clean Room
The Soldiers Close In Under A Yellow Moon
All Shadows And Deliverance
Under A Black Flag
A Hundred Years Of Blood
The Ribbon Tightens Round My Throat
I Open My Mouth
And My Head Bursts Open
A Sound Like A Tiger Thrashing In The Water
Thrashing In The Water
Over And Over
We Die One After The Other
Over And Over
We Die One After The Other After The Other
It Feels Like A Hundred Years
One Hundred Years...

Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
Heathen a pagan
No sun shines for me
Savage but gentle
The animal within
And I see it now
I had a weird dream
Watch but don't touch
I had a weird dream
I'm taking it away
"Put it in a bag, hide it in a tree"
I want to steal your heart, your heart
With these eyes I cannot see
And this cold heart never bleeds, never
Sweet smell this poison, the colour you bring
Tongue swollen venoms, to love
I want to steal your heart
I want to eat your heart
I reach for the sky but never can touch
It seems so easy, easy to me
Still I cannot, will not take this thing
Hearsay, this heresy
A victim to sin
Eternal the torment, the answer lies within
I had a weird dream watch but don't touch
I had a weird dream I'm taking it away
"The love you give is the love you get..."

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